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Extreme Drift Car Simulator


About Extreme Drift Car Simulator

Extreme Drift Car Simulator is a dramatic racing game loved by young people recently. The simulator of this game will give you unexpected satisfaction.

Drive across diverse environments with the Extreme Drift Car Simulator! Customize the new vehicles you add to your collection, from opulent racers to police cars! To escape the concrete surroundings and find yourself in nature with your automobile, drift around the congested streets or drive off-road!

With this 3D simulation put your drifting talents first instead of winning the races. Here you are paid more for each drift point you acquire. So, go ahead and cycle to your heart's content! You are the only one with whom you can make comparisons, and your scores are drifting! On the map, look for the bright areas, then approach them to accept assignments. These missions give you a score target to achieve within a deadline. To keep the race continuing, maintain drifting within the racing area, make good use of your time, and avoid crossing the finish lines. After achieving the objective, get more points to receive additional rewards. Another option to gain money is through street dribbling, although it's less effective than taking on short challenges. Hit the main menu and go to the garage once you feel you have enough money. Look through the vehicles, unlock the ones you choose, and rule the pavement in style!


  • Driving games developed Extreme Drift Car Simulator.

Release Date

  • October 25, 2022


  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Simple controls with realistic driving
  • Various car options
  • Unlockable features
  • An open-world map
  • Challenging missions
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