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Dunk Ball


About Dunk Ball

Dunk Ball is a simple but tough online reaction game that checks how fast you can respond. In this version of basketball, you control the basket instead of the ball. You have to move the basket around to catch as many balls as you can as they fall from above. As the game goes on, stars will sometimes appear near your net, making it more exciting. If you collect enough stars, you can buy new basketballs. To get more points, try to catch the balls without letting them hit the rim more than once in a row. This will start the fire ball mode, which gives you extra points. People can play Dunk Ball online for free, which is a fun and different way to enjoy hoops.

How to Play

Start the game on your preferred online platform.

Control the basket using touch or mouse.

Move the basket to catch falling balls.

Avoid missing balls or your run will end.

Collect stars that appear to buy new basketballs.

Catch balls without touching the rim to activate fire ball mode.

Earn points by catching consecutive balls and maintaining a streak.

Challenge yourself to beat your high score with precise and quick movements.

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