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Dunk - 2 3 4 Player


About Dunk - 2 3 4 Player

Dunk - 2 3 4 Player is a fun and competitive four-player basketball game. Choose between a cool cow with sunglasses, a relaxed frog, a scared panda bear, or a cute bunny. Control your ball to jump through the hoop. Game winner is the first to 15 points.

InDunk - 2 3 4 Player, you can play against bots or pals on the same keyboard. The game is even more fun and challenging with easy controls and cute characters. Enjoy this competitive basketball game and show off your talents.

How to Play

Select your character from the four available options.

Decide the number of players or bots you want to compete against.

Use the designated controls (Arrows / AD / JL / Mouse) to move your ball.

Jump from side to side, aiming to get your ball through the hoop.

Score points by successfully making baskets.

Race to be the first player to score 15 points to win the game.

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