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Cycling Hero

About Cycling Hero

Cycling Hero is a game that will definitely bring you a lot of new and dramatic experiences. There is no easy race so prepare well to take the lead in the race.

Online racing simulator Cycling Hero raises the bar for competitive racing. Ride from left to right while avoiding collisions. To increase speed, avoid numerous obstructions, and pull off spectacular feats. Knock competitors off their bikes to eliminate them. Every time you play, try to beat the previous record while earning points.


  • A distinct style of gaming that requires you to balance while doing feats and violent moves
  • A procedurally produced track with a variety of components that appear in surprising and thrilling sequences.
  • 2D graphics that are stylish, vibrant, and well-optimized
  • Vocative background music that is ideal for the topic of extreme sports

How to play

  • To accelerate and stop press D and A respectively.
  • Steer with W and S.
  • Alternatively, you may achieve the same result by using the relevant arrow keys.
  • Per try there are 3 lives available.
  • One's heart is taken away when one loses equilibrium and falls down head first.
  • The objective is to continue riding as long as possible.
  • Avoid pools of water since they make the figure move more slowly.
  • Hit unique boosters to temporarily enhance acceleration.
  • Hit opponents with the back wheel to take them out.
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