About Cuphead

Cuphead is a game inspired by the famous cartoon. You will be involved in classic boss battles. Take down the boss on your plane and dodge the giant birds.

Online cartoon Cuphead retro-styled animation will make you feel nostalgic. Try to beat the enormous bird monster by flying! When just one bird is still flying, continue shooting while dodging the bird's strikes.

The popular action-packed game Cuphead is the basis for the Cuphead online game. Retro-styled animation and cartoon-inspired imagery may be found in this game. Your objective in this game is to use your aircraft to fly around the skies and take out a huge bird monster. To attempt to take down the monster before you fall, dodge various assaults while continuing to fire properly and persistently. Will you succeed in completing the task and eliminate the boss?

How to play

One Player Controls

  • Arrow keys to move
  • X to shoot
  • C to shrink
  • Z to parry
  • V to use the superpower

Two Player Controls

  • To move, player 1 uses arrow keys and player 2 uses the WASD keys
  • To parry, player 1 uses U, and player 2 uses X
  • To shoot, player 1 uses I, and player 2 uses C
  • To shrink, player 1 uses O, and player 2 uses DRAW
  • To use a superpower, player 1 uses P, and player 2 uses B
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