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Crossover Grid


About Crossover Grid

Are you a fan of the NBA and trivia games? Do you enjoy challenging yourself and your friends with puzzles and quizzes? If so, you might want to check out Crossover Grid, a new online game that combines both.

What is Crossover Grid?

Crossover Grid is a daily guessing game that presents you with a 3x3 grid of cells, each with a pair of criteria. Your goal is to identify a specific NBA player for each cell, following the rules defined by the row and column of that cell.

You have nine guesses to fill in as many cells as possible. You can use hints, skip cells, or ask for help from your friends on social media. The game also tracks your score, time, and accuracy, and lets you compare them with other players.

Game Features

• Daily puzzles with different themes and difficulty levels

• Three game modes: NBA, NFL, and NHL

• Live updates to rarity and rankings as people guess throughout the day

• Improved UI/UX with color-coded cells and feedback

• Leaderboards, achievements, and statistics

• Share your results and challenge your friends

How to Play

You can also use the buttons below the grid to help you:

• Hint: Gives you a clue about the player in the selected cell

• Skip: Skips the selected cell and moves to another one

• Ask: Lets you share the puzzle on Twitter or Facebook and ask for help

• Give Up: Ends the game and shows you the correct answers

You can also see your score, time, accuracy, rarity, and ranking at the bottom of the screen. Rarity is how rare your guess is compared to other players, and ranking is how well you did compared to other players.

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