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Crazy Roll 3D


About Crazy Roll 3D

Crazy Roll 3D is an extremely attractive endless running game that attracts players all over the world. The obstacles are arranged in an interesting way.

How to play

Keep your reflexes and eyes quick.

As you roll over boosters and ramps, the ball increases speed and initially moves slowly. Move the ball around obstructions and keep a watch out for impending obstacles! The longer you live, the more stages there are even though the game is limitless. More dynamic and challenging challenges may be found in these upper levels.

Obtain power-ups

Around the map are shields, magnets, and the 2x diamond power-up. Some of them are positioned in challenging areas. Maybe you could use your shield to grab one if you move quickly?

Each power-up has a cooldown effect, so be careful while using them. For instance, you could wish to reserve your shield for a more challenging level of the game.

Assemble diamonds to buy things

Spend your diamonds at the Crazy Roll 3D store as many times as you can. Power-ups and a variety of new balls in varied sizes and speeds are available for purchase.


  • Collectible crystals that may be used to unlock new ball models and purchase power-ups
  • New difficulties include shifting obstructions and swaying platforms.
  • Fast-paced, enjoyable gameplay with excellent music
  • Go as far as you can, infinite!
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