About Crazy Flips 3D

Crazy Flips 3D is a great sports game where you can show off top acrobatic moves like front flips, upside downs and tricks to gain points from high cliffs.

A character in the one-player game Crazy Flips 3D is determined to disobey the rules of gravity. The difficulty in the game is so compelling because of how realistic the character anatomy and surroundings mechanics of someone leaping over a cliff and landing on a little target are.
The only means of controlling the character is by timing the press and release of the left mouse button.

How to play Crazy Flips 3D:

The character assumes a launching stance when you first press and hold the left click button.
The character is launched into the air towards the goal or over a barrier by releasing the left mouse.
When the character is in the air, pressing and holding the left click causes the character to tuck into an airborne flip.
By releasing the left mouse button when the figure is flipping into its landing, the character is in its landing posture.

How to win:

If the character lands in a standing posture after flipping in the air, the game awards 100 points for that flip. Depending on how difficult it is to land, each square of the small targets is worth a different number of points. each level when the character reaches the required amount of points.
Bonus challenges are included in every level, such as landing on an obstacle or crashing after leaping over a bridge!

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