About Combines.io

Combines.io is a game with a novel version where you drive a farming machine to harvest all the agricultural products. Try to harvest as much food to win.

Have you ever imagined what an online deathmatch and a farming simulator might look like combined? Then check out Combines.io, a fun multiplayer top-down combine driving game that will be recognizable to everyone who has ever played an io game. On a wheat field, several farmers are competing to harvest the biggest crops. Their rivalry is out of control; the trailer tails are growing longer and longer behind their harvesters, and they are even beginning to collide. Can you withstand the fall harvesting frenzy's mayhem and collect more wheat than everybody else on the field?

Combines.io emulates some of the most well-liked and time-tested multiplayer gameplay elements of the best io games ever created: top-down perspective, immediate respawns, and straightforward mouse and keyboard controls. This online game stands out because of its unique premise, amazing graphics and animations, and a secondary goal of harvesting crops. More trailer carts will be attached to your combine as you collect more wheat, making it more difficult for other players to avoid colliding with your tail as a result. They will suddenly pass away and undo all of their development if they do this. 

If you can manage to survive long enough, you'll soon have a ton of carts following you, and the amount of wheat you've harvested will start to go close to 100!

There are a few more appealing characteristics of Combined.io that, if that isn't enough to pique your curiosity, will probably persuade you to give it a try. First off, the game has a good accomplishments system that rewards you for achieving various goals, such as playing 10 games or destroying a particular amount of enemy vehicles. Second, your progress will be kept after each game as long as you play from the same device and browser, and your XP will accumulate over time to give you a specific spot among the best scorers.

Can you vanquish your foes, collect all the harvests, and surpass all other combined drivers in the world? Put your seatbelt on, get inside your harvester, start the engine, and begin your epic ascent to the top of the harvest leaderboards!

How to play Combines.io?

  • Use the mouse to move
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