About Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel is a game that will give you a challenging running experience on a colorful endless road. Are you confident to be the leader in this race?

The game Color Tunnel is played at a breakneck rate and calls for quick thinking and reflexes. You'll go quickly through a tunnel. You'll move on your own. Many players find this difficult. Over time, even your speed will rise.

The tunnel also has several obstacles of diverse forms. There are triangles, hemispheres, and cylinders to choose from. Not only do they constantly arrive, but they also move inexplicably. Go through the remaining hemispheres quickly! Avoid running into the moving triangles and cylinders. These barriers must be overcome in a unique manner.

In addition, since moving obstacles move at varying speeds, the difficulty level rises. Obstacles may move slowly, and quickly, or remain stationary in certain cases. You have difficulties if the tempo changes. You must swiftly adjust to your environment. The game will be ended if you hit any of the red obstacles.

How to play

  • To avoid the red barricades, go to the right or left. While some are moving, others stay immobile. Try to maintain your composure and focus on the future. Panicking won't get you very far.
  • Each tunnel has attractive yet distracting patterns in either color or black & white. Avoid being distracted by vibrant colors and disorienting patterns. Focus on the challenges that lie ahead.
  • The initial level has you moving inside the octagonal tunnel's interior, while later levels have you moving quickly around the exterior as well. As you advance through the levels, the obstacles' shapes and motions will change, but the game is incredibly intuitive, so you'll pick it up quickly.
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