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Captains Idle


About Captains Idle

You can fulfill your dream of being a pirate with the game Captains Idle. Your task is to gather sailors and upgrade the ship to be ready to conquer 7 seas.

When I was a kid I loved watching movies about pirates. I find the captains cool, although they are often built with one eye and one arm amputated because of battles with the enemy, but to me that image is still very beautiful. A parrot with me makes my days at sea no longer boring. Until I grew up everything in me was still the same but the reality of life did not allow me to be a sailor fortunately when I knew about the game Captains Idle it was this game that helped me realize my dream. My childhood and surely if you have the same dream as me, you will also be satisfied.

In this game, instead of starting as a sailor, you will be transformed into a captain leading your ship. You need to gather as many crew members to handle all the work on the ship. Besides, you need to upgrade your boat and weapons because the sea out there is full of enemies who want to destroy you to monopolize the vast seas.

The cannons are provided from the beginning use them to sink other ships. The purpose of the boat is also to explore the islands and find hidden treasures. The more treasures you find, the easier your ship will be to upgrade to destroy the enemy.

Release date

  • This game is released in July 2022.

Game developer

  • WorldNMore-Ozan is the developer of the game Captains Idle.

The playing rules

  • Use the WASD key to move.
  • Left-click to interact with the buttons in the game.

Fighting with other ships is not as easy as you think, so be careful with your actions. After playing this game for a while I have had a lot of fun moments, enjoy living with the wonderful moments this game has to offer. And if you are looking for another game to change the atmosphere, Basketball Stars is a great game for you to relax with dramatic matches.

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