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Cannon Basketball 5


About Cannon Basketball 5

Cannon Basketball 5 is a fun, original basketball game for all ages. Players control a cannon instead of a player in this game. As in previous editions, throw the ball into the basket and collect all the stars. The game has six rings and six stars, and players must shoot precisely to pass through the hoops and collect the stars. Since the rings move, timing is essential. This extra challenge requires players to learn shot timing to succeed. Show off your shooting talents and shoot for the stars!

How to Play

Observe the movement of the rings and stars before shooting.

Aim the cannon carefully considering distance, angle, and throwing power.

Shoot the ball at the perfect time to pass through the hoop and collect stars.

Focus on the timing of your shot, as the rings will change their location over time.

Collect all six stars by accurately launching the ball through the hoops.

Adapt to the changing positions of the rings to maximize your score.

Demonstrate your skills and aim for high scores by mastering the cannon controls.

Reach new heights by consistently making precise shots and collecting all stars.

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