About Bouncy Dunks

Bouncy Dunks is a fun and addictive game that tests your basketball skills and reflexes. In this game, you have to bounce the ball with a paddle and score as many dunks as possible.

Game Features

• Unlock up to 24 different basketballs, each with their own design and power.

• Get on a streak and become HOT, which gives you bonus points and makes the ball glow.

• Play the game on any device, whether it's desktop, mobile, or tablet.

• Enjoy the colorful graphics, catchy music, and realistic sound effects of the game.

How to Play

• Tap or click on the screen to move the paddle around.

• Try to bounce the ball into the hoop as many times as you can.

• Collect the stars that appear randomly to increase your score by 5.

• Avoid letting the ball fall into the gap or you will lose a life.

Bouncy Dunks is a game that will keep you entertained and challenged for hours. How many dunks can you score?

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