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About BitLife

BitLife is the first game that gives you the freedom to choose the life you want. Can you make all the right choices on this journey to new life?

In the life simulation game BitLife, players take charge of a stranger's whole existence. It was made available by Candy Writer, a free software that, although being relatively unknown on Google Play, had a significant influence on the game industry. With the use of a set of instructions, random occurrences, and comedy BitLife lets users experience what would happen if they majored in acting or what they would do in their later years.

The gameplay is straightforward and much the same as those of other simulation games. Instead of picking dialogue for each character's time in this game, you will choose their actions. For instance, at the age of 18, you may decide for a character to pursue a certain degree in college or even enlist in the military.

The four fundamental stats for characters in the game are health, happiness, appearance, and intellect. I believe that the most crucial component is health since only when you are well can you do more. Makeup, clothing, and accessories may all be used to enhance your look, as well as plastic surgery. Attending school will help you raise your IQ. Sometimes, making the incorrect decision might frighten the police as well, but sadly, while trying to apprehend the offenders, you are assaulted and your life is taken.

How to play

The game's principles are extremely straightforward; you only need to select acts that are appropriate for the character's age. It's incredibly handy because you can play it on your computer or phone! Time began in the beginning.

You begin BitLife in an undetermined nation with a set of parents who are tasked with raising you. You had little exposure to the outside world as a baby; your only choice was to go to the doctor. As you age, the world starts to become more accessible. At age four, you can start asking for money or spending time with your parents. At age 6, you begin elementary school.

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