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Basketball Tactics Association


About Basketball Tactics Association

Basketball Tactics Association (BTA) offers a strategic court experience accessible via mouse or touchscreen. In the game, players assume the role of coaches orchestrating plays with a flick and a click.

How to Play

  • Drag players across the court to position them strategically.
  • Press the top button in the bottom right corner to trigger player-specific actions.
  • Opt out of further moves by hitting the bottom button to conclude your turn prematurely.
  • Delve into player statistics by highlighting their names on the main menu.
  • Take a chance on better stats by clicking "REROLL" to draft a new player.

In BTA, two players on one device act as coaches, directing their teams' moves. Each turn, they execute actions like passes and defenses, mindful of turnovers that give the opponent possession. Strategy, adaptability, and skill are key in this fast-paced digital basketball duel.

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