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Basketball Stars 1vs1


About Basketball Stars 1vs1

Basketball Stars 1vs1 is an online game where players join a world of basketball games. Released in August 2016, this game has become a popular game among basketball fans all over the world. It lets players improve their skills and show off their talents on the online court.

How to Play

  • Aim accurately and shoot the ball into the basket to score points.
  • Use feints and tricks to outmaneuver your opponent and create openings for shots.
  • Time your jumps effectively to block and intercept your opponent's shots.
  • Explore "Offense/Defense" and "Shoot for Time" modes to practice different aspects of your game.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to refine your skills by shooting more balls within a specified time frame.
  • Enjoy the matches with players from around the world.

Play and enjoy the basketball competition!

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