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Basketball Down


About Basketball Down

Basketball Down is an exciting game where players navigate past NBA team defenders to perform slam dunks. The game challenges players to use crossovers, dribbling, and quick reflexes to evade opponents. Dunking earns points and unlocks new characters, offering variation. The simple mechanics allow all ability levels to enjoy the action. Smooth controls and vibrant graphics immerse you. Players want to score well to unlock characters. Sports fans and casual gamers will enjoy Basketball Down's enjoyment and skill development.

How to Play

  • Navigate the court to avoid defenders.
  • Perform crossovers and dribbling maneuvers to evade opponents.
  • Aim to reach the infield for a slam dunk.
  • Score points by successfully dunking the ball.
  • Unlock new characters as your score increases.

Enjoy the fast-paced action and strive for high scores.

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