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Basketball Damage


About Basketball Damage

Basketball Damage is a fun, unlimited basketball game that tests time and precision. You control the ball in this game and can aim for the ideal shot. Score as many points as possible before time runs out. For the ball to go through the hoop, each tap must be precise. Playing and striving to beat your high score is infinite as long as you stay focused and accurate. Basketball Damage appeals to casual players and basketball fans seeking a fun and challenging experience with simple controls and interesting action.

How to Play

  • Press A or D to move left or right.
  • Time your tapping perfectly to score.
  • Aim to score before the clock runs out.
  • Keep going as long as you can to achieve a high score.
  • Focus on precision and timing to improve your performance.
  • Challenge yourself to beat your previous high scores.

Enjoy the addictive and endless gameplay.

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