About Basket Champs

Basket Champs is the best pitching game you can count on for fun. Choose your country and fight for the flags. Other country players are very strong.

Get on the basketball court in Basket Champs and have the crowd cheering for you! Are you up for a competitive game where you may win a worldwide tournament? To be a successful basketball player, you must compete against national teams and win every game.

The rules in Basket Champs

Do you follow basketball? Don't worry if you're not the best player in the world; you don't have to be a pro to beat your opponents in Basket Champs! In each match, you aim to score more points than the other team. Select a team to begin the game. There are 24 different teams to choose from, each of which is divided into four categories. After you've chosen your group, you may start playing. The group stage is where the first few games take place. In these rounds, you and the other teams in your group will compete. Each match has five shots for each team. To keep track of the outcomes, keep an eye on the scoreboard. The team with the highest score at the end of the round wins the match. You will get two points if you win and one point if you lose. If you get enough points, you may continue to compete in the event.

When you pass the group stage, you will enter the quarterfinal. Defeat a team in the quarterfinal, you get a chance to the semi-final. You are getting the victory in the semi-final to go to the final. You will be eliminated immediately if you lose one match in the quarterfinal, semi-final, or final. Attempt to reach the championship finals! If you don't score enough points, you'll be eliminated. That means you'll lose the game and have to start again, so make sure you get enough points to go to the next level!

Basket Champs Gameplay

Play this game as same as Hoops Champ 3D. You will drag the mouse to adjust the angle of throwing the ball. You need to customize the strength appropriately to the ball into the hoop. The ball can bounce out of the basket if you throw too strongly. Of course, the ball can't reach the basket if you shoot it too lightly. You will play first and then your rival will turn. If the score is a draw, you will enter the round of sudden death. A team that gets one point in this round first will get the victory.


Can I select characters as same as in Basketball Stars?

No, there are no characters in Basket Champs.

How many throws can I make in a match?

You can shoot five times in a match.

Does Basket Champs have the same rules as the basketball champions league?

Yes, the rule of this game is inspired by the basketball league in the world.

Is Basket Champs playable on a mobile phone?

Yes, you can have a relaxing time on your mobile phone.

How to control

Aim and fire using the mouse.

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