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Baseball Pro Game


About Baseball Pro Game

Baseball Pro Game is a game that all those who love this sport can satisfy. The fierce battle is time for you to show your ability and shine

Show the other team that you're the greatest hitter in Baseball Pro Game! Claim your baseball bat and walk onto the field to take your spot. Don't be intimidated by the pitcher's scary expression; you've got this!

The support of your supporters motivates you. Keep an eye on the pitcher and prepare to take the game. The goal of this game is to achieve the maximum possible score by striking the ball. This game does not need any prior knowledge of baseball. You just need your mouse. To begin the game, go to the main menu and press the play button. After the countdown, the pitcher will toss the ball to you. To hit the ball, precisely time your click. The distance you send the ball earns you points. The game is divided into three zones. The highest point is earned by sending the ball to the tribune. The pitcher will hurl a total of ten balls at you. In the upper left corner of the screen, you can see how many balls you have remaining and your current score. Make your fans and teammates proud by hitting the ball at the correct moment!

Features in Baseball Pro Game:

  • Animated 3D graphics
  • Playing is addictive and enjoyable.
  • Easy-to-understand gameplay
  • Playing alone

How to play Baseball Pro Game:

  • Click when the ball reaches you
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