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American Football Challenge

About American Football Challenge

American Football Challenge is a game that will make you feel very proud of your catching skills if you have one. Your catching speed must be really fast

Join a rugby team in American Football Challenge, and wow your supporters with a fantastic performance! American Football is a popular sport that was created in the country and is being played today. Put on your gloves and helmet, and get ready to defend the goal line for your squad.

Although the Super Bowl may be passed, the game in American Football Challenge continues! Teams from high school and colleges, step aside. Now, we're playing in the professional league. In this game, the player's goal is to catch every oval-shaped football that their opponent tosses at them. The game has ten stages, and each battle becomes harder as you go. Use the mouse to manipulate the receiver's gloves and catch the ball to play the game. After selecting a level, you may begin the game by clicking on the screen. You can view your current score and the number of throws at the top of the screen. Your opponent will toss the ball five times at each stage, and you must catch it at least three times to win the game. You will lose the game if you don't block and catch the ball enough times. Keep an eye on the player across from you as you attempt to catch the ball. He may sometimes toss the ball straight at you, but other times, he will choose to hit the edges of the screen with a curve ball or other shot. To stop the ball, you must respond immediately. The next stage may be reached by finishing a level. To prove to everyone that you are the finest rugby player ever, finish all the levels!

How to play American Football Challenge:

  • Move the mouse in the right direction of the ball to catch
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