About Agma.io

Do you want to participate in a thrilling arena? Agma.io is inspired by the original Agar game where you must compete head-to-head with other players.

Agma.io is a free-to-play multiplayer online game that was first released in April 2018. The game is similar to other popular IO games, such as agar.io and slither.io, but it has its own unique feature set.

In Agma.io, players control a small cell and try to grow in size by consuming smaller cells and avoiding larger ones. As players grow, they become slower but more powerful, allowing them to consume even larger cells.

One of the unique features of Agma.io is the ability to form teams with other players. By teaming up with other players, you can share mass and split into multiple cells to take down larger opponents.

Agma.io includes various game modes, including free-for-all, team mode, capture the flag, and virus wars. Players can customize their cell with different skins and accessories, and the game features a leaderboard that tracks the top players.

How to control the game

Here's a quick overview of the basic controls in Agma.io:

  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to move your cell.
  • Press the space bar to split your cell into two smaller cells.
  • Press the W key to eject some of your mass.
  • Use the mouse to control the direction of your cell.
  • To join a team, press the "T" key.
  • To chat with other players, press the "Enter" key and type your message.

In addition to these basic controls, Agma.io also has a number of advanced techniques that can help you play the game more effectively. For example, you can use the "double split" technique to split your cell into four smaller cells instead of just two, or you can use the "virus pop" technique to launch yourself across the map and avoid being eaten by larger cells.

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