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8 Ball Pool Classic


About 8 Ball Pool Classic

8 Ball Pool Classic is a fun free online billiards game. Hit 16 colorful balls into the table's pockets with a cue stick. Paint-covered and white-covered balls exist. Hit the white cue ball to pocket all the fully colored balls. Choose your attack direction and power carefully. Before playing against the machine or a buddy, try the tutorial. In 2 player mode, each player scores the first ball they pocket, either fully colored or with white spaces. Remember to pocket the black 8 ball last. Enjoy the game and invite friends for pleasure.

How to Play

Grab a cue stick and aim to strike the colorful balls.

Hit the 16 balls against each other to pocket them.

Identify the two types of balls: fully covered with paint and those with white areas.

Pocket all the fully colored balls by hitting the white cue ball.

Choose the direction and power of your strike carefully.

Play against the computer or with a friend in 2 player mode.

Score one type of ball in 2 player mode based on the first one you pocket.

Pocket the black 8 ball last to win the game.

Enjoy playing 8 Ball Pool Classic and challenge your friends!

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